Tarahara Eastern Nepal

Hansposa was one of the most developed and advanced Village Development Committee in Nepal. It was made of 9 wards, sharing its eastern border with Tarahara Farm and Koshi Highway. Northern border spanning up north to Seuti Khola half way through Charkose Jhadi along the western side of Koshi Highway. Sharing its western border with Bakalauri along Seuti Khola within Charkose Jhadi and pushing back towards a small creek flowing from Bhawanipur Lake Side just west of Bhawanipur Surya Tole. Then going south along the creek right down till it touched East-West Highway near Labipur and Bisanpur area. Southern border running along northern side of East-West Highway before approaching Khadiya Godaam, just north of Balgaram, north of Pachuruki and south of Halgada just north of Nepal Army's Eastern Regional Command Headquarters. Here you will find photos from all over Hansposa region, which were taken around 2012 and some prior to 2012. Hope you all will enjoy the tour of Hansposa. Remembering Hansposa as it was and would have been a self governing city council on its own merit but sadly political difference killed this great and beautiful town/vdc. The smallest country in the world is only .44SqKm, that is 1/3 of Tarahara Farm (smaller than Tarahara Ward No.2) and with a population of only 1,000 which is way smaller than Hansposa both in size and number. Few years ago I had Hansposa.com up and running but disbanded as Hansposa died with an untimely death once it was thrown and forced to amalgamated with Itahari. But thought to resurrect it back again and share good memories of one of the greatest VDC in the world through photos and for a historical record for the future generation.